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BBE Bag Mitts

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BBE Bag Mitts

Proving to be a highly popular choice the BBE bag mitts are both cheap, lightweight and effective, ideal for honing your skills, increasing speed and accuracy as part of a training session. Read our review below to get the full lowdown.

Shop now For The BBE Bag MittsBBE Bag Mitts


First up, unlike many of the other gloves available on todays market you will find that the BBE bag mitts do not feature a velcro closing mechanism but instead have a flexible band which makes then both easy to put on and off while providing effective and tight fitting yet comfortable grip.

Padding in the BBE bag mitts is also highly effective allowing for a cushioned and comfortable feel beyond what many of the other gloves on the market will provide. The PU covering provides an easy clean surface which is easily maintained in top condition.

The flexible wrist and lightweight of the BBE bag mitts makes them great for speed work and one size fits all so no need to worry about selecting differing sizes without trying them on before hand. (no pun intended!)


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