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Bodymax Freestanding Punch/Kick Bag

The Bodymax free standing punch/kick bag is simply billed as the ideal punch bag for those who don’t have anywhere to hang one . . . hardly an inspiring sales pitch! Well this is not in any way a bad freestanding punchbag and will easily enough soak up some fearsome punishment and the low base means that low level kicks are easy to put in unlike some kick bags which can be a real pain in the backside. Fill it with a bit of sand or water and off you go stable, solid n  ready for an ass kicking . . .

Bodymax Freestanding Punch/Kick Bag


This badboy is Currently priced at £199.99 at Amazon giving you a decent £50.00 (20%) off the recommended price !

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How About . . .

Century XXL Wavemaster

Take a look at our prices by clicking on the image.

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