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Century Boxing Wavemaster

The Century Boxing Wavemaster is the undisputed champion of all free standing punch bags. Selling more than any other of its kind its longstanding popularity speaks volumes about the quality provided at a cheap price. Packede with high impact striking foam and with a durable vinyl outer covering the Century Boxing Wavemaster was built to last the distance.

Century Boxing Wavemaster Freestanding Bag

Century Boxing Wavemaster

What Makes Century Boxing Wavemaster the Worlds Best Seller ?!

Rebounding perfectly from jabs, kicks and punches with four adjustable height settings and a rounded base for easy roll away storage all the versatility that you could want in a free standing unch bag is provided here. Also featuring a base that you fill with your preference of sand or water to give 270lbs of total stability. Hit this bag as hard as you like and it won’t unbalance. An all round great purchase for all those seeking to improve combat skills and improve fitness!!!


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Century Original Wavemaster

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