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Choosing a Punch Bag

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Why Choose a Punch Bag

A punch bag can serve a variety of functions to an individual, not only are they great for increasing overall punching strength, they can help to heighten stamina levels, optimize conditioning and improve punching accuracy and technique, allowing you become a more effective fighter and master self defense skills. Purchasing a punch bag also makes for an excellent way to release stress and pent up aggression in the privacy of your own home. The use of a free standing punch bag is also great for those who seek to practice and improve their kicking strength.

Choosing a Punch Bag – Points to Consider

From the various forms of punch bag, including the free standing punch bag, there are a few options to take into consideration to ensure you get the correct bag to suit your needs and get the best value for money from your purchase. When selecting a free standing punch bag you should always look to see what the bag is filled with. Preferably you should try to go with a punch bag that is filled with water as this will allow for an increasingly realistic feel when compared to sand or other filling materials. Water has a give to it that is more akin to flesh, where as sand can present an unrelenting barrier which, over time can result in damaged bones and tendons. Often a free standing punch bag has a base that can be filled with water or sand and will have a foam core, these foam cores can provide a good solid and realistic feel as with water, however, generally the more you pay the higher quality and more durable this will be. Also look for a punch bag that is made from high quality leather, this will last the distance and ensure you don’t need to make consistent repairs.

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