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Double End Bag – A Great Sparring Partner

A double end bag is a form of training or boxing bag that is both attached to the floor and ceiling by elastic materials, this provides a great way to enhance a fighter’s mobility and accuracy throwing punches at a constantly moving target. The double end bag is the closest to a real sparring partner that a piece of equipment can provide. Unlike the mainly stationary free standing punch bag or heavy bags, a double ended bag forces you to be constantly on the move, evading it as you punch. This means that you will also be working on your cardiovascular fitness and if this isn’t up to scratch you’ll soon be feeling the effects, in which case it might be an idea to do some roadwork to heighten fitness levels. If you live in a city and have a lack of opportunities to set good running routes then running machines can provide a safe and convenient way to improve fitness.

Overcoming Natural Instincts with a Double End Bag

The double end bag will help a fighter to overcome some of the instincts which are built into us that can be detrimental to evading punches effectively. Naturally when a punch or kick is thrown our way we will tend to blink and back away. However, to optimize your defensive skills keeping your eyes open, tracking the punch all the way and standing you ground will allow you to dodge and counter far more effectively. Through practicing with a double end bag you can condition your mind to subconsciously, instinctively perform these actions. Here at Free Standing Punch Bag we recommend that you invest in a double end bag. They are usually cheap and highly effective and if you are looking to save you can even make your own. Free standing punch bag will soon be bringing forward to our pages a range of the highest quality and most effective double end bags.


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