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Golds Gym PU Punch Bag

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Golds Gym PU Punch Bag

Take your choice of either 6o”, 48″ or 36″ sizes for the Golds Gym PU punch bag. A highly durable punch bag this product will last for years and suck up any punishment thrown at it.

Shop Now for the Golds Gym PU Punch BagGolds Gym PU Punch Bag

Made with a tough coated PVC vinyl shell and a custom blended fill the Golds Gym Pu punch bag had just the right weight and density to allow for sway and provide an ideal way to hone your footwork skills whilst imporving punch power, accuracy and technique. The reinforced nylon stitched seams keep the bag together and add that extra durability preventing any splitting.

Foam lining also adds that extra bit of cushioning to make things easier on your hands, though we always recommend purchasing a decent set of bag mitts, of which we suggest taking a look at the BBE bag mitts. With it’s heavy welded D and O rings it can be securely attached to a ceiling hook or even a rafter in the garage. For enhanced swing a chain can be purchased to add that extra dimension to your footwork.

Overall, we highly recommend the Golds Gym PU punch bag both for it’s durability and potential to enhance all round combat skills. Take a look at the latest price deals by clicking through our shopping button above.

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