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Lonsdale Authentic Bag

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Lonsdale Authentic Punch Bag

Being hand crafted not only does the Lonsdale Authentic Punch Bag look the part but it will also stand up to some ferocious punishment along the way.

Buy The Lonsdale Authentic Punch Bag Lonsdale Authentic Bag

Constructed with genuine cow hide leather and high quality stitching the Lonsdale authentic Bag provides a classic “old school” look and feel to enhance the character of any gym or room it may be placed, helping to get the blood pumping and put you in the zone to achieve maximum potential during workouts.

Making use of a 2 inch inner foam jacket, this allows the shock impacts of blows to be absorbed and prolong the lifespan of the punch bag, making it extremely tough and durable whilst giving that vital piece of extra protection that will help to prevent injuries to the hands and wrists.

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