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Maize Bag – Ducking Dodging and Punching

A Maize bag, or slip bag, as it is commonly referred to is a bag that is used for head movement training to hone ducking and dodging skills whilst still throwing your own punches. A maize bag is a generally a small bag that is hung from the ceiling and attached to ropes or chains. Unlike a free standing punch bag this bag must be attached to a ceiling, so make sure you have a suitable place in your home to do this before making your purchase. This type of training is commonly used in boxing gyms around the world and one great example of the use of a maize bag can be seen when looking to the archives of Mike Tyson’s training footage. This highlights how effective mastery of the maize bag can be, you only need to look to the classic way he would slip an opponent’s punch whilst simultaneously delivering his own utterly devastating blows.

Using a Maize Bag

The maize bag gets its name from the fact that it is traditionally filled with maize; however, bags available on the modern market are, as with a free standing punch bag and other types of punch bags, filled with a variety of materials, most commonly sand. Although a maize bag is typically small they do come in larger sizes which may be more difficult to evade and provide a far more stinging and realistic feel should you happen to get caught. Here at Free Standing Punch Bag we recommend that you hang your maize bag at a length that is level with your nose but this all depends on personal preference and some fighters may have this somewhat higher or lower. One final point to consider is the length of the chain or rope that it is attached to. A shorter chain will make the bag swing with more speed whilst a longer chain will give you more time to evade it. Free Standing Punch Bag recommends that you alter this continually and try to master all speeds as when in combat this is a variable that you can’t control and don’t forget that some site support the use of discount codes to get that extra bit of value for money from your purchases..


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