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Slam Man

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Slam Man

The Slam Man is an interactive boxing and martial arts trainer. Designed by a boxing processional has three modes of training, beginner, intermediate and experienced. Five boxing exercise programs and 8 target lights flash in random patterns to help improve hand eye coordination. The Slam man will also display performance reports to let you know what you did right and wrong. There is even a sensor to determine the force with which you need to hit the targets.

Slam Man Torso Trainer

Benefits of the Slam Man

Made from blow moulded polyethylene plastic, the Slam Man will absorb punches and quickly return to its original shape. Designed to withstand a heavy pummeling it will work well during all temperatures. Fill the base with 240lbs of sand to gain ultimate stability, ensuring that whatever you throw at it the Slam Man will remain sturdy.



Free Standing Punch Bag

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