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Speed Bag- Timing, Coordination, Hand Speed

A speed bag, or speed ball as it is often known, is generally used by boxers in the pursuit of optimizing hand speed, coordination and timing. Among all the various forms of punching bags, including the main feature of the site, the free standing punch bag, this is undoubtedly the best piece of equipment for the job. Typically they are quite small and usually filled only with air. To master the use of a speed bag you must develop rapid hand speed, great timing and superb coordination and so for beginners it is recommended that the best option is to purchase a larger speed bag and as time goes on and practice begins to show results you should move on to a smaller bag.

Where to Place a Speed Bag

Overall, a speed ball is an ideal way to improve reflexes and hand eye coordination. Not only this but it provides a high intensity workout and will tone up arms and shoulders excellently. One downside when opposed to the free standing punch bag is that if you are buying a speed ball for home usage you will need to find a wall where you can attach the speed ball to, this is because it must be attached to a platform mounted on brackets. An ideal place for this would be in a garage or training room in your home. Here at free standing punch bag our team will shortly be bring you the best speed ball selection from across the internet with reviews of all bags to help you make the most informed decision.


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