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5 Surprising Weight Loss Myths

When it comes to losing weight there is simply such a mass of information available that it is becoming almost impossible to know what methods work and what don’ t. Separating fact from fiction has never been so tough, so we have provided you with a guide of 5 of the most surprising weight loss myths to help you navigate your way safely through the dieting minefield.

1. Starving Yourself: Many people think that by skipping meals and basically starving themselves of calories that this will enable them to lose weight quickly. However, in reality this is most likely to make your bodies metabolic rate drop drastically as it tries to conserve energy, going into starvation mode, making you feel tired, irritable and sluggish. The sharp drop in metabolic rate makes it increasingly difficult to burn fat and may even lead to your body burning muscle instead as it tries to conserve fat stores.

2. Healthy Food is Expensive: People often automatically assume that healthy food = expensive food. Well, this really isn’t the case, and if you take a look at the price of fresh ingredients as opposed to the price of ready meals, you may well be shocked at the savings you can make.

3. Intense Exercise Burns Fat: Higher intensity workouts are great for increasing fitness but not for burning fat. In fact it’s more likely that while exercising at a high intensity that you will burn muscle off. Walking and other forms of light exercise are in fact the best fat burners.

4. Staying Awake Longer Burns More Calories: Logically you would be likely to think that the longer you stay awake the more calories your body will burn as it is more active. However, a recent study published in, went on to highlight the extent of this fallacy. Taking 2 groups both consuming the same number of calories per day, one which slept 8.5 hours a night, the other sleeping 5.5. Findings showed that the group sleeping more actually burned considerably more fat, while the sleep deprived groups bodies were more likely to conserve fat supplies and burn muscle instead.  It even went as far as showing the group sleeping less had higher levels of the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin in their bloodstreams. So the bottom line here is, make sure that you get your 8.5 hours or more of sleep in each night if possible!

5. Big Breakfasts Are Bad: A recent study from Addenbrooke hospital in Cambridge found that eating a large breakfast every morning is a great way to help ensure a steady weight. This is thought to be because your body has more time to efficiently metabolise the calories throughout the day, even when eating 50% of the days total calories at breakfast. This is not though a free ticket to gorge on morning fry ups, rather a healthy breakfast of low GI foods including the likes of porridge is highly recommended.

Alan is a guest author who likes to keep his weight down by working out with a set of dumbbells and to get the heart rate up and improve fitness he often puts on the boxing gloves and for a real cardiovascular workout.

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